Eco-literacy Part 4: The Law of Return and Sustainability

A cycle of giving, and exchange, and symbiosis. This is how I’ve largely come to see Nature in her most healthy functioning ways. This isn’t to say that resource scarcity and competition don’t exist – they do – but we’ve placed far too much emphasis on these aspects of understanding nature as applied to human […]

Eco-literacy Part 3: Universal Laws

Ecology is defined as the study of the relationships between organisms and their environments. The word ecology is derived from the Greek oikos, which means “house” and -logia, “study of”. Few people are ever trained in the basic foundations on which the earth, our home, functions, and on which we are wholly dependent.   Based […]

Eco-literacy Part 1: The missing element in our connections and decision making with our environment

Here’s a question you may not have heard before: What is the real currency of our planet?   As toddlers, we begin to naturally learn to respond to and speak our parents’ language. We learn soon enough the words for coins and dollars, and their value to obtain things we want. In modern human societies […]

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