Wholeheartedness: Ten Keys of Life and Self-Knowing that Wholehearted People Cultivate

[photo by Brent T. Ladd: wild lavender on ascent of Mont Sainte Victoir] “Wholeheartedness is a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness” – Brene´Brown   When outlining the purpose of my blog, Emerge Wild, I mention the journey of “becoming wholehearted” a number of times. This term arises in many […]

Original Blessing – A Spiritual Game Changer for Humanity

Each human being is an original blessing. I believe that the work of God is compassion – we, who are all original blessings and sons and daughters of the Divine, are called to compassion – as the religious and spiritual elder Matthew Fox says, “Mother Earth has birthed our bodies and rendered them holy over 4.5 […]

Elders – Time to Rewire & Refire

As a newly minted elder, I am now awakening to the idea that it is time to rewire and refire myself. And, in the process become partners with, mentors of, and learn from, young people. Einstein often mentioned that we humans have been given two gifts – rationality and intuition. He underscored that rationality is meant to serve […]

Honoring the Feminine Earth: A crucial action on the pathway toward wholehearted masculinity

To honor: to hold in high regard, to give great respect to.   America became a nation long before it had a chance to know itself as a land. One of the most masculine and patriotic acts you can offer is to come to intimately know the land, nurture your relationship to the Earth, and […]

Honoring the Feminine in Humanity: A crucial action on the pathway toward wholehearted masculinity

  [photo by Drop the Label Movement] To honor: to hold in high regard, to give great respect to.   Men are still far too concerned about “who wears the pants” in the family. Our cultural norm today still says the “head” of the household (or business, government, etc.) is a man. The man makes […]

Listen Part 2: The Power of Men Listening to the Earth

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi   We have been walking around as a species for the last 200,000 years so deeply in communion with the Earth that we called ourselves human –from the humus. To listen was to live. To listen and understand became our collective story about who […]

Listen – Part 1: The Power of Men Listening to Women

In my recent article Re-Imagining Masculinity: Transcending the culture of conquest and embracing compassion, that kicked off this series, I stated that the very first step toward a wholehearted path for men is to listen to women. To begin re-imagining masculinity into a wholehearted way of living that men can experience, we must first listen […]

What is a Man for?

Each man needs to ask himself this question: What is a man for? In the midst of a sea change where men everywhere are being publicly called out to own and atone their inappropriate, unwarranted, and unwelcomed sexual behaviors, can we agree at the start that there is a deep scar and a deep problem […]

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