Journey of Unknowing: Via Transformativa Album

The motif cycles continuously, as unknowing and letting go is a lesson I have to learn over and over again – it’s a life long journey. I have so often tried to know as much as possible to solve problems that can’t be solved with the head alone. What I know fits into a thimble […]

Holding Pain and Promise: Via Transformativa Album

Sitting with silence, with pain, with sorrow and loss is hard. Especially on our own. Welcoming the possibility of holding promise at the same time often seems out of reach, unless we have support from others, from community, from a practice of connection with something greater than ourselves. Being with pain, yet holding the promise […]

Children of First Light: Via Transformativa Album

You can’t get to the dawn of a new day without first suffering through a dark night. The fourth song on the album, “Children of First Light”, continues the instrumental story introducing an awareness of suffering together with a promise of redemption and resurrection. For this soundscape meditation, I imagine our ancient ancestors, a group […]

Breath: Via Transformativa Album

Following the cataclysmic birth of Sol, the sun, the story continues with today’s song, “Breath”. Bringing in some of the same elements from “In The Beginning” breathing is connected with the beginnings of the universe, and relies upon the energy from sunlight. I imagine the first Divine breath of life occurring in that transforming space […]

Birth of Sol: Via Transformativa Album

It is often darkest just before the dawn. “Birth of Sol” is the second song on my album, Via Transformativa. Thanks for listening, and my gratitude to Elizabeth, Colleen, and Rhianna for their vocals on the song. Birth of most kinds involves pain and beauty all bound up together. The birth of our solar system’s […]

In the Beginning: Via Transformativa Album

This instrumental is based on the imagining of Divine energy flowing at the beginning of the universe, and what the imaginings might have sounded like moving and echoing. A great knowing, an immense loving, and flow that becomes a part of each of us, and all of life. Mostly, it is a great and unknowable […]

Via Transformativa: A Musical Story about the Journey of the Human Spirit

Composing and playing music has almost always been an important part of my life. During the COVID-19 virus pandemic from early March to June of 2020, I found myself meditating on the journey of the human spirit as I perceive that it unfolds along the four sacred paths of Creation Spirituality. I was open to […]

Wild Horses of Currituck

[This poem was written a number of years ago based on a close encounter I had with the wild horses on the upper Outerbanks in the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge while visiting there with my family. I submitted the poem to unpsychology magazine, an ecopsychology journal based in the U.K, in the winter of 2019-2020 […]

Entering into the Mystery of the Wild ‘Other’

[This post was written for unpsychology magazine, an ecopsychology journal based in the U.K, in the winter of 2019-2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was recently published in their issue 6 with the theme of connecting with the other-than-human world. The journal issue is currently available online. I’m sharing the story below for easy […]

Toward Ecological Citizenship: Re-discovering a Sense of the Sacred

How might we discover a pathway into citizenship with the other-than-human world? This possibility calls for a unity of the physical niche and the spiritual niche of human beings.

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