Music: Return to Slains Castle

In honor of my Grandmother (paternal), Gwendolyn Hay Ladd, and my Great Grandfather, Rollin Hay, descended from the Hay Clan of Scotland. The photo representing the song is of Slains Castle on the northeast coast of the Scottish Highlands. Slains is one of several castles of the Hay clan. This original instrumental composition grew out of an imagining of the clan returning to Slains after a long excursion.

Not unlike the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Gaelic people of the Scottish Highlands had an understanding that the land did not belong to them, rather they belonged to the land.

Brent T. Ladd: guitars, keyboards, arrangement, mixing/mastering
Bodhran drum from Garageband

Released by Pileated Studio, 5 April 2021

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