Day Break Prayer

Broken windows, broken mind, broken heart, breaking time
Broken thoughts, broken dreams, broken promises, breaking ground
Broken lands, broken sky, broken earth, breaking waves
Broken spirit, broken bodies, broken sight, breaking free
Broken country, broken bridges, broken faith, breaking story
Broken species, broken future, broken generations, breaking dawn
Broken silence, broken tongues, broken prayers, breaking bread
Broken floors, broken houses, broken homes, breaking out
Broken culture, broken people, broken backs, breaking through

In all that is broken
in our brokenness together
may we live into compassion

In all that is breaking, there is grace
Whenever it is too dark to see
there is love waiting to be born

May I be granted a new sense of awe and gratefulness
that the compassion and love I seek in the world
be created anew within me

© Brent Thomas Ladd, Emerge
[photo: Brent Thomas Ladd, The Raven Tree, near L. Champlain]

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