Wild Horses of Currituck

[This poem was written a number of years ago based on a close encounter I had with the wild horses on the upper Outerbanks in the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge while visiting there with my family. I submitted the poem to unpsychology magazine, an ecopsychology journal based in the U.K, in the winter of 2019-2020 […]

Entering into the Mystery of the Wild ‘Other’

[This post was written for unpsychology magazine, an ecopsychology journal based in the U.K, in the winter of 2019-2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was recently published in their issue 6 with the theme of connecting with the other-than-human world. The journal issue is currently available online. I’m sharing the story below for easy […]

Teachings of Cecaahkwa Kiihswa* (Sandhill Crane Moon)

The Myaamia call them Cecaahkwa, the Sandhill Cranes, our relations   They had nesting grounds here in the Wabash River Valley hundreds of years ago   These sacred birds are now making their way back to their spring and summer homes   This is the time of Cecaahkwa Kiihswa the time of Sandhill Crane Moon […]

Stay Together, Learn the Flowers, Go Light: Green Goodness Herbal Infusion for Winter

Learning the names and identities of the plants and trees in your home area, and how to use them for food and medicine is part of the journey of connecting yourself with wildness and a sense of becoming native to the place you live. The title of this article Stay Together, Learn the Flowers, Go […]

The Ancient Art of Natural Leather Making

[Photo: me, in deerskin clothing 21 years ago on my wedding day] In addition to the spiritual and human relationship aspects that I have focused on since starting the Emerge Wild blog, another way we can connect closely with the Earth is through the physical learning and practice of Earth-based living skills. These are practices […]

Honoring the Feminine Earth: A crucial action on the pathway toward wholehearted masculinity

To honor: to hold in high regard, to give great respect to.   America became a nation long before it had a chance to know itself as a land. One of the most masculine and patriotic acts you can offer is to come to intimately know the land, nurture your relationship to the Earth, and […]

Listen Part 2: The Power of Men Listening to the Earth

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi   We have been walking around as a species for the last 200,000 years so deeply in communion with the Earth that we called ourselves human –from the humus. To listen was to live. To listen and understand became our collective story about who […]

Naming the Wild “Other”

Naming the Wild “Other” Naming connects. When we name something or someone, or learn their name, we engender a connection more meaningful than if we don’t name. When parents name their newborn baby, there is an even deeper connection that is made with their child. Likewise, when a child names a pet, an intimate relationship […]

What is Wild(ness) and Why Does it Matter?

What is Wild(ness)? What is wild, and what might it have to do with our authentic human selves? The traditional definition of wild goes something like this: That which is living or growing in the natural environment. Untamed, not domesticated, uncultivated, free. The word wild is sometimes used to describe a place or living being […]

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