“Fixing” The World Standing in the Tragic Gap

I’ve been grieving about the state of my country, and the state of my fellow Americans with some level of ongoing heartbreak. I’ve had a low level of chronic grief the past four years for the state of the country and my fellow citizens who support and continue to spread fear, hate, and lies. I’ve […]

Election Day Prayer for Healing the Heart of Democracy

On this election day, those who study such things tell us that we as a nation are more divided than at any time in our history since the U.S. Civil War that was fought during 1861-1865. In many ways that war did not settle certain viewpoints of what kind of country America is or could […]

Via Transformativa: A Musical Story about the Journey of the Human Spirit

Composing and playing music has almost always been an important part of my life. During the COVID-19 virus pandemic from early March to June of 2020, I found myself meditating on the journey of the human spirit as I perceive that it unfolds along the four sacred paths of Creation Spirituality. I was open to […]

Day Break Prayer

Broken windows, broken mind, broken heart, breaking time Broken thoughts, broken dreams, broken promises, breaking ground Broken lands, broken sky, broken earth, breaking waves Broken spirit, broken bodies, broken sight, breaking free Broken country, broken bridges, broken faith, breaking story Broken species, broken future, broken generations, breaking dawn Broken silence, broken tongues, broken prayers, breaking […]

A New Story

People everywhere, young, middle-aged, and old, are sensing that the culture has gone haywire. It might be that we need a new story to live by. As part of our local Sacred Earth Learning Community, I recently communed with a brief writing by Theodore Richards titled “A New Story” in the book, Order of the […]

Cultivate Gratitude

Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth “You owe me” Look what happens with a love like that It lights the whole sky ~D. Landinsky (attributed to Rumi)   At dusk, as I walked into the woods, I noticed the tops of the barren trees shimmering with golden sunlight and took […]

What Does it Mean to Take a Vow of “Being the Best Lover and Defender of Mother Earth that I Can Be”?

[photo of Blue Lake near Mt. Audubon by Brent T. Ladd] Recently I read and rumbled with a book titled, Order of the Sacred Earth by religious scholar and spiritual elder Matthew Fox and friends. The subtitle is “An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action”. Fox has been a ‘book elder’ to me, as he […]

Wholeheartedness: Ten Keys of Life and Self-Knowing that Wholehearted People Cultivate

[photo by Brent T. Ladd: wild lavender on ascent of Mont Sainte Victoir] “Wholeheartedness is a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness” – Brene´Brown   When outlining the purpose of my blog, Emerge Wild, I mention the journey of “becoming wholehearted” a number of times. This term arises in many […]

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