Deepen Your Soul Ground

what is up is downwhat is wrong is right if the sky is blueit will likely rain even a warm windwill feel bitter cold when lies twist to truthand facts are forgotten hold your children closefind your soul ground with strength of lovestanding firm against a fast-rising tideof the dark shadow nearly upon usremember love […]

Toward Ecological Citizenship: Re-discovering a Sense of the Sacred

How might we discover a pathway into citizenship with the other-than-human world? This possibility calls for a unity of the physical niche and the spiritual niche of human beings.

Wholeheartedness: Ten Keys of Life and Self-Knowing that Wholehearted People Cultivate

[photo by Brent T. Ladd: wild lavender on ascent of Mont Sainte Victoir] “Wholeheartedness is a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness” – Brene´Brown   When outlining the purpose of my blog, Emerge Wild, I mention the journey of “becoming wholehearted” a number of times. This term arises in many […]

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