Music: Will you carry me? I will carry you.

Sláinte everyone!! Wearing the Irish green today for St. Patty’s, and sharing my new song recently recorded, “Spirit of the Highlands”. We all have our battlefields and dark nights to journey. We also have family, friends, ancestors, and the holy spirit to help guide and carry us through. This song was inspired by a dream […]

“Fixing” The World Standing in the Tragic Gap

I’ve been grieving about the state of my country, and the state of my fellow Americans with some level of ongoing heartbreak. I’ve had a low level of chronic grief the past four years for the state of the country and my fellow citizens who support and continue to spread fear, hate, and lies. I’ve […]

Deepen Your Soul Ground

what is up is downwhat is wrong is right if the sky is blueit will likely rain even a warm windwill feel bitter cold when lies twist to truthand facts are forgotten hold your children closefind your soul ground with strength of lovestanding firm against a fast-rising tideof the dark shadow nearly upon usremember love […]

Teachings of Cecaahkwa Kiihswa* (Sandhill Crane Moon)

The Myaamia call them Cecaahkwa, the Sandhill Cranes, our relations   They had nesting grounds here in the Wabash River Valley hundreds of years ago   These sacred birds are now making their way back to their spring and summer homes   This is the time of Cecaahkwa Kiihswa the time of Sandhill Crane Moon […]

Slowing Down and Taking Notice: Embodying the Teachings of the Landscape

“In what ways are you paying attention to the divine spark within you promoting you to slow down and take notice?” ~ Christine Stine   A local group I belong to called the Sacred Earth discussion group has been sharing about Creation-centered Spirituality in our in-person meetings based on the book Order of the Sacred Earth. […]

Elders – Time to Rewire & Refire

As a newly minted elder, I am now awakening to the idea that it is time to rewire and refire myself. And, in the process become partners with, mentors of, and learn from, young people. Einstein often mentioned that we humans have been given two gifts – rationality and intuition. He underscored that rationality is meant to serve […]

Listen Part 2: The Power of Men Listening to the Earth

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi   We have been walking around as a species for the last 200,000 years so deeply in communion with the Earth that we called ourselves human –from the humus. To listen was to live. To listen and understand became our collective story about who […]

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