Wild Horses of Currituck

[This poem was written a number of years ago based on a close encounter I had with the wild horses on the upper Outerbanks in the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge while visiting there with my family. I submitted the poem to unpsychology magazine, an ecopsychology journal based in the U.K, in the winter of 2019-2020 […]

Toward Ecological Citizenship: Re-discovering a Sense of the Sacred

How might we discover a pathway into citizenship with the other-than-human world? This possibility calls for a unity of the physical niche and the spiritual niche of human beings.

Learning to Walk Again – A Revolutionary Step for Healing Ourselves and the Earth

We each have our own path and journey to walk in this life, and who can predict what world-changing insights might be given to us as we prayerfully walk in a sacred manner, reconnecting with our home the earth?

Day Break Prayer

Broken windows, broken mind, broken heart, breaking time Broken thoughts, broken dreams, broken promises, breaking ground Broken lands, broken sky, broken earth, breaking waves Broken spirit, broken bodies, broken sight, breaking free Broken country, broken bridges, broken faith, breaking story Broken species, broken future, broken generations, breaking dawn Broken silence, broken tongues, broken prayers, breaking […]

Slowing Down and Taking Notice: Embodying the Teachings of the Landscape

“In what ways are you paying attention to the divine spark within you promoting you to slow down and take notice?” ~ Christine Stine   A local group I belong to called the Sacred Earth discussion group has been sharing about Creation-centered Spirituality in our in-person meetings based on the book Order of the Sacred Earth. […]

Wholeheartedness: Ten Keys of Life and Self-Knowing that Wholehearted People Cultivate

[photo by Brent T. Ladd: wild lavender on ascent of Mont Sainte Victoir] “Wholeheartedness is a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness” – Brene´Brown   When outlining the purpose of my blog, Emerge Wild, I mention the journey of “becoming wholehearted” a number of times. This term arises in many […]

Original Blessing – A Spiritual Game Changer for Humanity

Each human being is an original blessing. I believe that the work of God is compassion – we, who are all original blessings and sons and daughters of the Divine, are called to compassion – as the religious and spiritual elder Matthew Fox says, “Mother Earth has birthed our bodies and rendered them holy over 4.5 […]

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