Breath: Via Transformativa Album

Following the cataclysmic birth of Sol, the sun, the story continues with today’s song, “Breath”.

Bringing in some of the same elements from “In The Beginning” breathing is connected with the beginnings of the universe, and relies upon the energy from sunlight. I imagine the first Divine breath of life occurring in that transforming space of faint glowing semi-darkness just before dawn.

In turns out that the whole world can be found in a single breath. Science confirms that Earth herself breaths and that each one of our human breaths is inextricably bound up with the Earth’s breath.

There is a divine cycle of breaths that we continue to partake of today. We each are breathing in the very same molecules that the ancient dinosaurs breathed, that our ancient ancestors breathed, and more recently the same as Jesus as he was hung on the cross, of Leonardo as he painted the Last Supper, we breathe the same air as Crazy Horse breathed as he fought against extermination at the Battle of Little Bighorn, the same air as Amelia Earhart as she crossed the Atlantic ocean on her solo flight, and of Anne Frank as she wrote in her journals bravely persevering in the midst of the Nazi death campaign, and as that of Rosa Parks as she courageously shifted history by sitting in the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955. We are all connected in many ways in the present and to the past, not the least of which is the air we breathe and share with all other life forms on the planet.

A single breath is the first action we take upon entering this world, and the last thing we let go of as our body dies. We receive and take in, and we give away and let go of. Silent, and yet central to life, breathing connects us with the sacred element of air. One could treat breathing with gratitude, as a sacred act itself, as a gift.

Breath: Third track on the album, Via Transformativa
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