Awakenings: Via Transformativa Album

This composition reflects how one can become awakened, perhaps after a long journey of unknowing, like a root down in the dark silence that one day breaks through into the open air. Or, the birth of something that has waited and slowly gestated, now being realized into the wider world. It might even be a sense that an opening has occurred or a light is shown on a pathway forward. Perhaps it is a dramatic unveiling or event that changes everything, or at least there is a major shift that you can see, feel, experience. It could also be a quiet re-imagining or small acts of kindness, that when a hundred or a thousand such tiny shifts occur then our intended destination is forever changed.

So often awakenings occur due to a very difficult loss or change – a family member unexpectedly dying, being diagnosed with cancer, the loss of a job. These are never welcomed or even expected. They hit us like a ton of bricks. Ultimately, given time, hope is that every awakening, however small or large, however joyful or sorrowful, or jarring will be fully integrated into one’s life.

I attempted to embody this range of human experience regarding awakenings in the composition through key changes, instrumental arrangements and timbre, together with major tempo shifts.

Awakenings: Seventh track on the album, Via Transformativa
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