Why We Must Confront Our Unconscious Biases: Evolution through Symbiosis or Red in Tooth and Claw? Series, Part 2

Before I jump into implicit (unconscious) bias, paying attention to at least the most detrimental of our implicit biases (so that we can actively change our behavior to reduce or eliminate their negative impacts), I want to start here by stating that collectively as a society in the U.S. we have deep soul wounds. Soul […]

Dismantling Hidden Biases in Science that Continue to Legitimize White Supremacy, Toxic Masculinity, Hyper-Individualism, and the Subjugation of Nature: Evolution through Symbiosis or Red in Tooth and Claw? Series, Part 1

The popular paradigm of “survival of the fittest”, and Nature herself as utterly ‘red in tooth and claw’ in an entirely machine-like cosmos where spirit is outside the physical realm is so consumed, digested, and assimilated into our culture that it is now a set of beliefs unconsciously breathed in and out daily by each citizen in Western civilization. Left intact without the breadth of the full scientific context of evolution, such a bias will continue to help support the lungs of oppression and inequity, and ultimate destructive greed of selfish-gene-winner-takes-all policies.

Music: Will you carry me? I will carry you.

Sláinte everyone!! Wearing the Irish green today for St. Patty’s, and sharing my new song recently recorded, “Spirit of the Highlands”. We all have our battlefields and dark nights to journey. We also have family, friends, ancestors, and the holy spirit to help guide and carry us through. This song was inspired by a dream […]

“Fixing” The World Standing in the Tragic Gap

I’ve been grieving about the state of my country, and the state of my fellow Americans with some level of ongoing heartbreak. I’ve had a low level of chronic grief the past four years for the state of the country and my fellow citizens who support and continue to spread fear, hate, and lies. I’ve […]

Deepen Your Soul Ground

what is up is downwhat is wrong is right if the sky is blueit will likely rain even a warm windwill feel bitter cold when lies twist to truthand facts are forgotten hold your children closefind your soul ground with strength of lovestanding firm against a fast-rising tideof the dark shadow nearly upon usremember love […]

Election Day Prayer for Healing the Heart of Democracy

On this election day, those who study such things tell us that we as a nation are more divided than at any time in our history since the U.S. Civil War that was fought during 1861-1865. In many ways that war did not settle certain viewpoints of what kind of country America is or could […]

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