brent-stream-aboutmeMy name is Brent Thomas Ladd, and I’ve launched EmergeWild.com with a personal mission of bridging the world of nature with what it means to be a wholehearted human being. Thank you for joining me on this journey. The pages of Emerge Wild serve three purposes:

  1. As a platform to give voice to my own wild heart
  2. Provide learning pathways to assist others on their journey to more closely connect with wild nature, as well as nature in their own backyards and communities
  3. Share my personal journey toward “becoming the wilderness” within, so that I may more genuinely connect with myself and with others

By connecting the physical world of nature with who I am authentically, and being willing to be vulnerable – I believe I can emerge wild and in-tune as a wholehearted human no matter where I live, or what situations I may find myself.

The Nitty Gritty Details:

Emerge Wild serves to share my own personal journey by exploring topics and seeking insights into questions such as: What does it mean to be vulnerable, authentic, and a man in our society? What is it to “become the wilderness”? What is wild? And, what can men do to bring peace and light to the world in the midst of toxic masculinity? How can we become more authentically, and intimately, connected with the Earth and become co-creators with the Divine?

I’ll post my thoughts on healthy ways of knowing and being that I hope encourages boys and men (myself included) to embrace being wholehearted human beings who help their communities to thrive, and serve as willing stewards of the earth. I’ll draw upon my own experiences seeking a spiritual connection, living close to the Earth, and for over twenty years as a husband and father, as well as from the elders and teachers in my life that have shared their knowledge and wisdom.

Emerge Wild will also serve to connect with wild nature by offering learning materials and pathways for students and adults in developing their own knowledge about Earth and to physically connect with wild nature. I will be incorporating these topics based on my own experiences from my training as a scientist in ecology and animal behavior, living connected with nature, serving as an educator on nature, watersheds, agriculture, and environmental issues, aboriginal living skills, from being raised on a small farm, caretaking animals and growing food, and my experiences as a parent and father of three amazing young adults.

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