Election Day Prayer for Healing the Heart of Democracy

On this election day, those who study such things tell us that we as a nation are more divided than at any time in our history since the U.S. Civil War that was fought during 1861-1865. In many ways that war did not settle certain viewpoints of what kind of country America is or could […]

Arrival: Via Tranformativa Album

This composition is a meditation on arriving home. I’ve attempted to conjure in the music a state of arriving home to yourself, embracing and being embraced for being you– which for each person is nothing less than the divine manifestation of the physical and spiritual wholeness of the universe. Coming home to oneself, as well […]

Awakenings: Via Transformativa Album

This composition reflects how one can become awakened, perhaps after a long journey of unknowing, like a root down in the dark silence that one day breaks through into the open air. Or, the birth of something that has waited and slowly gestated, now being realized into the wider world. It might even be a […]

Journey of Unknowing: Via Transformativa Album

The motif cycles continuously, as unknowing and letting go is a lesson I have to learn over and over again – it’s a life long journey. I have so often tried to know as much as possible to solve problems that can’t be solved with the head alone. What I know fits into a thimble […]

Holding Pain and Promise: Via Transformativa Album

Sitting with silence, with pain, with sorrow and loss is hard. Especially on our own. Welcoming the possibility of holding promise at the same time often seems out of reach, unless we have support from others, from community, from a practice of connection with something greater than ourselves. Being with pain, yet holding the promise […]

Children of First Light: Via Transformativa Album

You can’t get to the dawn of a new day without first suffering through a dark night. The fourth song on the album, “Children of First Light”, continues the instrumental story introducing an awareness of suffering together with a promise of redemption and resurrection. For this soundscape meditation, I imagine our ancient ancestors, a group […]

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