Elders – Time to Rewire & Refire

As a newly minted elder, I am now awakening to the idea that it is time to rewire and refire myself. And, in the process become partners with, mentors of, and learn from, young people.

Einstein often mentioned that we humans have been given two gifts – rationality and intuition. He underscored that rationality is meant to serve intuition because that’s where the values are to be found – not in the intellect alone. If intuition is your strong point, don’t let your backseat baby drive the car (your overthinking monkey mind).

I am working to engage my mystical (intuitive) brain – rewiring the way I use my gifts of rationality and intuition. Matthew Fox, a co-author of the recent book Order of the Sacred Earth, documents how engaging our inner selves in this manner – rewiring – leads to a refiring, resulting in more joy and creativity, freedom, and playfulness.


[Photo by ray rui on Unsplash]

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